Retro/ Vintage Caravans for Makeover

Retro/ Vintage Caravans for Makeover

July 13, 2021

Everything old becomes new again. This goes for caravans too. Many people want a good quality caravan that they can make their own mark on. Caravan consignment QLD have old style caravans that can be made into whatever vintage caravan dream you would like.

Older caravans on the yard have many original features that can be used and are ready for fresh paint and flooring. The internet has many examples of retro and vintage caravans redone with vinyl planking that is easy to install and make a huge difference to the look of the van. Another current trend is Faux marble shower and bench top materials are also a way to make your van have a touch of luxury.

Some caravans can be stripped all the way back if you have the time and are handy enough to do it. With a shell you can layout the van the way you like and build in cupboards the shape and size you like. With a shell, the colour scheme on the inside and the outside can be whatever you want.  And you can furnish it with crazy lampshades or a huge sofa. It’s really up to you.

A retro/vintage caravan will need some time and can take a lot of hard work but the finished product in your own distinct style can be very satisfying. Come and have a look at Caravan Consignment QLD to see if there is a retro dream caravan project for you.

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